Work From Home As a Transcriptionist

Choosing your own hours, working with select clients, and reaping the benefits of financial freedom are just some of the reasons many men and women choose to work at home. For Janet Shaughnessy, her catalyst for working at home involved necessity.

After trying to juggle medical appointments for her disabled husband and a high demand career, Janet finally returned to one of her old skill sets that she never thought she’d have to use outside of high school: transcription.

The landscape of work-at-home jobs has changed in recent years, and Janet has been able to build a successful home-based business, as well as train others how to start their own transcription services through courses at

Transcription takes information and content from different media (usually visual and audio) and converts them to a text format for reading. Authors, podcasters, businesses, and institutions pay transcribers for their services. Through, not only can job seekers learn this valuable skill set and how to gain clients, but also receive the training and tools necessary to thrive.

However, transcribing is more than just listening and typing. According to Janet, a good transcriptionist needs to know how to efficiently do the following:

·         Manage digital files

·         Research various subject matters on the internet

·         Make proper transcriptionist notations

·         Use correct grammar and punctuation

Aspiring transcriptionists can visit Janet’s site and choose to learn about general and legal transcription. What’s the difference between the two? General transcription covers converting audio and video content to text, often from businesses, academic institutions, and media productions. Legal transcription does much of the same, except it specializes in legal language, notations, and documentation.

Whether you’re already interested in a transcription career, or simply fielding your options, this type of home-based business could be the answer for you and your goals. From stay-at-home parents, to retirees, people from different walks of life have found real work and opportunities through transcribing, particularly after taking Janet’s easy to navigate transcription course.

TranscribeAnywhere offers a risk-free mini course at no cost to those interested in starting transcription work. In addition, students will have access to exclusive content, detailed online lessons, as well as receive lifetime support.

The free mini-course is accessible at:

If you’re ready to start one of the full transcription courses, TranscribeAnywhere offers an easy pay-as-you-go plan so that you can space out payments as you take your course.

There is also a helpful FAQ section at the site, which will answer many beginning questions, as well as an impressive list of testimonials from former students. If ever there was a time to explore the potential to successfully work from home, now would be the time, and TranscribeAnywhere should be one of your top choices.

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