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    Work From Home

    A work-at-home opportunity can mean more than just sitting at your computer all day. Babierge has a brilliant business model that allows you to acquire and rent out baby gear to families who are traveling or in need of back-up gear. It’s entrepreneurial friendly, is flexible with your schedule, and you’ll receive constant support from Babierge Trusted Partners and collaborators.

    So how exactly does this all work?

    Most moms know the pain of having to choose between what to leave and what to bring with them when traveling with babies and toddlers. Strollers are huge and clunky, and can be an extra expense when traveling, and even when you’re not vacationing, you may have to leave an extra car seat with grandma and grandpa during a visit.

    Babierge, a company dedicated to connecting families with car seat, stroller, and other baby gear rentals, trains at-home parents who want to earn extra money and work at their own pace. Babierge will show you how to choose and acquire the types of baby gear you want to rent out, and will even offer insurance so that everyone’s protected. All you’ll have to do is determine the delivery price you’d like customers to pay, deliver and pick up the gear, and get your check in the mail from Babierge. You keep 80% of the rental fees and 100% of the delivery fees, and you can launch this entire business at home and within days.

    Not only that, but Babierge also offers support via a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive help from fellow Trusted Partners. They’ll be there to cheer you on, celebrate your victories, and keep you up-to-date on Babierge’s expansion. Twice a month, you’ll also participate in video calls, where you can receive tips and advice on your business, as well as further customer service training. Another cool perk is that the company will host your website, process customer orders, and promote your website in order to bring in more exposure. Read more…