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    Work From Home As a Transcriptionist

    Choosing your own hours, working with select clients, and reaping the benefits of financial freedom are just some of the reasons many men and women choose to work at home. For Janet Shaughnessy, her catalyst for working at home involved necessity.

    After trying to juggle medical appointments for her disabled husband and a high demand career, Janet finally returned to one of her old skill sets that she never thought she’d have to use outside of high school: transcription.

    The landscape of work-at-home jobs has changed in recent years, and Janet has been able to build a successful home-based business, as well as train others how to start their own transcription services through courses at

    Transcription takes information and content from different media (usually visual and audio) and converts them to a text format for reading. Authors, podcasters, businesses, and institutions pay transcribers for their services. Through, not only can job seekers learn this valuable skill set and how to gain clients, but also receive the training and tools necessary to thrive.

    However, transcribing is more than just listening and typing. According to Janet, a good transcriptionist needs to know how to efficiently do the following:

    ·         Manage digital files

    ·         Research various subject matters on the internet

    ·         Make proper transcriptionist notations

    ·         Use correct grammar and punctuation

    Aspiring transcriptionists can visit Janet’s site and choose to learn about general and legal transcription. What’s the difference between the two? General transcription covers converting audio and video content to text, often from businesses, academic institutions, and media productions. Legal transcription does much of the same, except it specializes in legal language, notations, and documentation.

    Whether you’re already interested in a transcription career, or simply fielding your options, this type of home-based business could be the answer for you and your goals. From stay-at-home parents, to retirees, people from different walks of life have found real work and opportunities through transcribing, particularly after taking Janet’s easy to navigate transcription course.

    TranscribeAnywhere offers a risk-free mini course at no cost to those interested in starting transcription work. In addition, students will have access to exclusive content, detailed online lessons, as well as receive lifetime support.

    The free mini-course is accessible at:

    If you’re ready to start one of the full transcription courses, TranscribeAnywhere offers an easy pay-as-you-go plan so that you can space out payments as you take your course.

    There is also a helpful FAQ section at the site, which will answer many beginning questions, as well as an impressive list of testimonials from former students. If ever there was a time to explore the potential to successfully work from home, now would be the time, and TranscribeAnywhere should be one of your top choices.


    Top Networking Medical Forum

    If you are studying to become a Doctor, Home Health Aide, Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomist, or Registered Nurse, I highly recommend that you join one of the top networking medical forums on the Internet: This is a worldwide nursing forum that consists of more than 600,000 members from different countries around the world. Website members include former nursing students and practicing nurses who are willing to share their experiences ranging from progressing through nursing school to working in the medical field. When you join, you will have a vast amount of knowledge and insight into the medical profession as fellow members keep you updated on the latest developments and opportunities.

    The benefits of becoming a member of

    • Members are very friendly and motivate each other to make beneficial career choices. They are willing to answer any questions and pass on the knowledge they have learned from nursing school or the medical field.
    • There is a wide variety of school listings by city and state, which makes it easy to research nearby programs.
    • You can compare the cost of tuition and the reputation of the schools of your interest.
    • Communication and interaction with former nursing students and current nurses who are working in the medical field.
    • You have a better understanding of financial aid, loans, financial assistance, and scholarships that are available for the programs you’re interested in.
    • Job listings
    • Designated discussion boards assigned for every State in the US
    • Individual forums for every nursing program in the medical field.
    • A complete list of the State Board of Nursing.
    • International News for the out-of-state nursing students
    • A job board for your city and state.
    • Access to information on state laws, regulations, mandates, and much more.

    Why Join

    According to Harvard Business Review article, research shows that when you surround yourself with a positive, supportive network of people who facilitate a good mindset, you are more likely to succeed. gives you instant access to a support network of former nursing students and working medical professionals who understand what it is like to start off in the profession and go through academic programs related to the field. They can give advice, insider tips, encourage you, and offer support. Our active discussion boards allow you to ask questions and receive answers, as well as dig deep into important and relevant issues in the medical field.

    In addition to a large network of medical professionals, you will also be able to search job listings from the comfort of your home. Whether you are planning to become a CNA, medical technician, doctor or LVN, the site provides up-to-date listings of job openings in your area by city and state. It’s no secret that the medical profession is one of the fastest growing job markets, and with the knowledge and information available through our site, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd when you’re ready to apply.

    One of the best things about becoming a doctor or nurse is the ability to help others. When you use the resource available at, not only will you receive help from experienced professionals, but you’ll also be able to help other students who are on the same journey as you.

    Work From Home

    A work-at-home opportunity can mean more than just sitting at your computer all day. Babierge has a brilliant business model that allows you to acquire and rent out baby gear to families who are traveling or in need of back-up gear. It’s entrepreneurial friendly, is flexible with your schedule, and you’ll receive constant support from Babierge Trusted Partners and collaborators.

    So how exactly does this all work?

    Most moms know the pain of having to choose between what to leave and what to bring with them when traveling with babies and toddlers. Strollers are huge and clunky, and can be an extra expense when traveling, and even when you’re not vacationing, you may have to leave an extra car seat with grandma and grandpa during a visit.

    Babierge, a company dedicated to connecting families with car seat, stroller, and other baby gear rentals, trains at-home parents who want to earn extra money and work at their own pace. Babierge will show you how to choose and acquire the types of baby gear you want to rent out, and will even offer insurance so that everyone’s protected. All you’ll have to do is determine the delivery price you’d like customers to pay, deliver and pick up the gear, and get your check in the mail from Babierge. You keep 80% of the rental fees and 100% of the delivery fees, and you can launch this entire business at home and within days.

    Not only that, but Babierge also offers support via a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive help from fellow Trusted Partners. They’ll be there to cheer you on, celebrate your victories, and keep you up-to-date on Babierge’s expansion. Twice a month, you’ll also participate in video calls, where you can receive tips and advice on your business, as well as further customer service training. Another cool perk is that the company will host your website, process customer orders, and promote your website in order to bring in more exposure. Read more…


    A Blessing in Disguise

    I am a mother of two beautiful girls; I considered them both my blessings in disguise. I became a single mother with my first born at a relatively young age; my first experience with motherhood has allowed me to grow into a stronger and wiser individual. During my first pregnancy and early years of motherhood, I had a tendency of occupying my mind with negative thoughts that were consuming my life. I struggled with the thought of becoming a young mom and feared not being able to be that perfect mother, even though there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Being a parent is a gift that should be cherished and appreciated. There are many unfortunate couples who are unable to experience the joys of parenthood due to many reasons, some by being unable to conceive due to hormonal problems, poor lifestyle choices, immune system diseases etc. Some have spent their life savings on various procedures hoping to conceive, and others by paying a large sum to surrogates to help them start a family.

    Sometimes our lives do not go as planned but the challenges we go through do teach us some valuable and important lessons. At times our blessings are disguised as an obstacle which is meant to strengthen our faith but we focus so much on the problem itself that we make no attempt to come up with a solution. Have you ever been in a stressful situation and at the end when everything was taken care of you realized that all the unnecessary stress was not worth it?

    One of my favorite quotes which I strongly believe in says “we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason”. I will forever be grateful for a wonderful friend that crossed my path twelve years ago; he recommended that I read “Every word has power” by Dr. Yvonne Oswald. The book stresses the importance of the selection of words we use on a daily basis and how choosing our words can impact every aspect in our lives in a positive way. After reading her book my perception on life changed tremendously, I’ve learned to embrace, appreciate and cherish this gift we call life. Most importantly I had to retrain myself to speak and think positively by choosing uplifting words instead of negative words that I was accustomed to. The book also helped me to let go of the past and focused on the future which was extremely difficult at first, but speaking positively into my life and situation daily allowed me to let go of my past and accept the fact that I have a little girl that’s depending on mommy to take care of her.

    There are days when we take the blessing of a child for granted maybe because life may be a little hard on us and we’re struggling to make ends meet. You may be a single parent who is making every effort to hold your family together or even a couple who may be going through some financial or emotional stress. During these stressful times, we tend to pass on our frustrations on our children which sometimes may cause them to doubt our love for them.

    Regardless of the hardship, we may face as parents, we cannot allow our situation to prevent us from being the best Parent we can be. Always speak life and positivity into your situation and never allow your children to feel like they are a burden, neglected and most of all unloved.

    Credit Repair Services

    Credit Repair Services

    When you have bad credit, common interactions like applying for a car, personal or mortgage loans, and even a store card gets harder. You are more likely to be rejected , and you also pay more for services like cellphones and automobile insurance. Below is a table that shows the difference between having a low and high credit score.

    High Credit Score Low Credit Score

    Pay lower interest rates

    Pay higher interest rates

    Instant approval on mortgage, personal and car  loans

    Denied for a loan

    Instant approval on store credit and credit cards

    Denied credit cards

    Cable & Utility companies tend to waive deposit fees for new customers

    Keep you from getting a job you are well qualified for

    Rejected from an apartment

    Fixing your credit on your own is not easy and that is why Financial Education Services created their FES Protection Plan. This plan includes services designed to help you restore your credit and maintain a high credit score. Financial Education Services has partnered with UCES, a reputable credit restoration company located in Farmington, Michigan. UCES has been in business for over 10 years and helped over a thousand satisfied customers in restoring their credit. There are customer service agents available to assist their customers from 9:00am- 5Pm EST, Monday through Friday. After signing up, It’s recommend that you do so with an email that you check on a regular basis (and add the company’s name in your contact list) to avoid losing any important emails.

    Once you join, you will receive access to valuable credit services that will help you restore your history and improve your score.

    Credit Restoration service

    This service uses the information you share to generate dispute letters against unfair and inaccurate listings on your credit report. Many people are surprised to find that some of the negative items on their credit reports are actually errors. By using the Credit Restoration Service, the quick and easy dispute letters you’ll be able to generate will keep those inaccurate listings from dragging your score down.

    Financial Education Services help customers with:

    • Collection Accounts
    • Judgements
    • Identity theft
    • Medical Bills
    • Student Loans
    • Public Records
    • Repossessions
    • Evictions
    • Foreclosure
    • Bankruptcy
    • Tax Liens

    Aside from the Credit restoration services, FES provides its members with over ten additional services as a bonus package. The Credit monitoring services helps you keep an eye on your credit reports. It helps you see the progress you are making as your score goes up. It also helps you identify any fraudulent or erroneous new accounts that can hurt you.

    FES Debt Zero

    FED Debt Zero is a debt free service that teaches you how to manage and pay your debt off a timely manner and which also helps you to save more. It helps you track your payments on your debt and your journey toward zero money owed.

    Life Lock

    Life Lock protects you against a frighteningly common type of credit card fraud. Life Lock notifies you immediately when something happens so that you can protect your financial future.

    Credit Builder

    Credit Builder demonstrate the different components that makes up your entire credit score. It teaches you how to stay within the percentage bracket to avoid hurting your score.

    My Care Will & Trust

    As you build stability, you also build a stronger foundation for your family. My Care Will & Trust can help you organize your affairs so that your family is safe no matter what happens.

    These are just a few of the programs FES has to offer in addition to over ten free  services members receive as a bonus.

    I have personally used FES services. My credit score went from the low 600’s to the mid 700’s. This high score has allowed me to lock in a 3.7 mortgage interest rate, and I am looking forward to close on my first house in a few weeks.

    There is no instant and painless solution to restoring your credit. It takes work, discipline and determination. However, by taking this step, you can assure that you have the support and structure you need to get started. FES is with you all the way, and they want to help you get access to the financial opportunities and security you deserve.

    Please feel free to send me an email at with any questions you may have. I will be more than happy to assist you with the credit restoration service.

    Sign up today $188( $99 a one time set-up fee and $89 a month)





    Sexual Abuse

    As parents, we play an important role in our children’s lives. It is our responsibility to protect, communicate, and educate them about what is going on in our society. It is imperative for them to be aware of their surroundings and the company they keep. Your son’s or daughter’s acquaintances can have a major influence on them. There have been countless cases on the news about sexual abuse, we have read about it in the papers, and I have seen firsthand the effect that it has on our loved ones.

    In spite of all this, sexual abuse has remained one of the most unspoken topics among families in our society. There are churches and other organizations that have failed to report an abuser in order to save their reputation or avoid prosecution. Read more…