About Us

Parenting is an adventure that requires love, patience, understanding, communication and a whole lot more. Being a parent mean having to learn something new each day and adapting to the changes that comes along. As parents we have to instill great values and morals in our children, teach them to have better manners, behaviors and habits so they can become happy and productive adults who can lead their own lives in a direction that will become beneficial in the long run. In order to do that as parents, we will need support and good advice from each another. We should all appreciate the gift of parenthood whether we are accompanied on the journey or not.

About My Blog

My blog is about interacting with mothers and fathers so that we can comfortably and openly discuss various topics on parenthood, such as the importance of their well-being physically and mentally, their social and emotional development, education , etc. We will also discuss how to improve our relationship with our children to create a happy and safe home. In addition, we will discuss how we can invest in our children’s future so they can grow, prosper and become successful men and women.

About Myself

My name is AJ and I reside in the beautiful Sunshine State. I am a mother of two beautiful vivacious girls. My daughters are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I would not change it for the world. I am extremely grateful that they have become a part of my life and I am honored to be their mother. Every day I am amazed and in awe of how much love, joy and happiness a child can bring into a parent’s life in spite of all the difficulties and challenges we may face.

My hobbies are cooking Caribbean (especially Haitian) dishes, playing the keyboard which I hope to master someday and reading inspirational and self-help books.  Some of my favorite authors are Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Louis Haye and many more. I do watch an occasional TV show, a  movie by Tyler Perry or a Haitian comedy movie.